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MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

John Miles, KE5FX



This page is under perpetual construction. It serves as an online lab notebook, describing a number of original hardware and software projects I've undertaken over the past several years.

If you have bug reports on my pages, or feedback in general, please feel free to use the email address above.

Table of Contents

  • An Open-Source GPIB Toolkit for Windows Updated 15-Jan-15: V1.942
    • 7470: An intelligent HP-GL/2 plotter emulator
    • PN: User-friendly phase noise measurement for spectrum analyzers
    • SSM: Real-time spectrum surveillance
    • VNA: Save and restore calibration, state, and S2P files for HP 8753/8720/8510-series network analyzers
    • PROLOGIX: Configuration utility and instrument terminal for Prologix GPIB-USB adapters
    • FAQ
  • VHD2VL_Windows_x64, a copy of Larry Doolittle's distribution of vhd2vl 2.4 that includes a Windows executable (vhd2vl.exe)
  • Global Hotkeys for iTunes
  • DSPLIB, a collection of various open-source and public domain DSP and math resources (includes source)
  • PN3048, Win32 software for the HP 3048A phase noise analyzer
  • XEM3005.zip, a comprehensive third-party firmware implementation for the Opal Kelly XEM3005 USB/FPGA integration board
  • GLTrace, a versatile diagnostic resource for Win32 OpenGL applications (includes source)
  • QRend, a tres cool Quake level renderer for Win32 OpenGL (includes source)
  • AIL Version 2, the complete Open Source release of the Miles Sound System Version 2 for DOS
  • VFX Version 1.19, the complete Open Source release of the VFX and WinVFX graphics systems for DOS and Win32
  • About Me - Brief personal notes and links

Copyright © 1999-2010 John Miles. All rights reserved.