Notes on HP 11848A / 3048A GPIB programming

July 15, 2008: Simple GPIB control harness for HP 11848A

Download (260 KB)

This zipfile provides a low-level programming API for the HP 11848A phase noise interface. Specifically, the file 11848A.CPP contains a C-language port of the GPIB control function relay_bit_stream from the HP 3048A system software, which was originally written in Rocky Mountain BASIC.

11848A.CPP also includes a simple main() function that demonstrates how to send commands to the 11848A through the relay_bit_stream() function. It allows the user to issue a preset command and toggle the front-panel reference oscillator outputs (some of which are mutually exclusive). A National Instruments GPIB adapter is required to run the 11848A.EXE executable file.

In addition to the main() function in 11848A.CPP, refer to pages 5-35 through 5-41 of the HP 3048A Phase Noise Measurement System Reference Manual (HP part number 03048-90002) for information on programming specific HP 11848A controls.

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