iLaunch is a free iTunes® accessory for Windows. It adds two useful features that Apple has so far overlooked in its quest for world domination.

Global Hotkeys eliminate the need to find and click on the iTunes window for access to the playback controls you use all the time. Simply press:

You can use these key combinations anytime, from within any other Windows application, as long as iTunes is running. iTunes will carry out your request without popping up or otherwise requiring any attention from you.

TaskTrack® tells you what track's playing with a glance at the Windows taskbar. Is that the new one from Britney, or just a bad coefficient? Now you can tell without interrupting your work and bringing iTunes to the foreground.

With these added features, it's easy to run iTunes minimized, or behind a stack of other windows. iLaunch makes iTunes usable as a background application, the way most people actually want to use it. If you listen to iTunes while doing other stuff with your computer, you need iLaunch.

To run iLaunch, simply click on the iLaunch icon instead of iTunes's own icon. You can remove the iTunes icon from your desktop if you like.

iLaunch is free software. If you find iLaunch useful and would like to contribute, the suggested donation is $5.00.

iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
TaskTrack is such a cool-sounding name that it pretty much has to be someone's registered trademark, so I wrote it with an ® just to be on the safe side.

Released into the public domain 30-Jan-06 by John Miles. Please contact with feedback and enhancements!
Source code included may be compiled with MSVC 10. No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered with this program.