An Open-Source Control Utility for the Rockwell-Collins 95S-1 Receiver




COMQUEUE.ASM  .... RS-232 real-mode ISR

COMQUEUE.BIN  .... RS-232 real-mode ISR

COMQUEUE.MAK  .... Makefile for RS-232 handler

DOS4GW.EXE    .... 32-bit DOS extender

EXE2BIN.COM   .... Utility to create comqueue.bin

M.BAT         .... Batch file to rebuild

MAKER.EXE     .... Real-mode MAKE utility

MEMORY.TXT    .... Example memory bankfile

ML.EXE        .... Assembler for comqueue.asm

R1.BAT        .... Talk to 95S on COM1

R2.BAT        .... Talk to 95S on COM2

RCVR.CPP      .... C++ source for control app

RCVR.EXE      .... Watcom receiver executable

RCVR.MAK      .... Watcom makefile

RCVR.OBJ      .... Linkable .OBJ file

RTM.EXE       .... Borland loader utility

TLINK.EXE     .... Borland Turbo Link



Download current release (V1.00 of 26-Apr-05)



-          If your system has an unusually-long MS-DOS path (common in development environments), the DOS/4GW DOS extender will crash at startup time.  You can launch R1.BAT and R2.BAT instead of RCVR.EXE to work around this bug.

-          The zipfile contains all of the older Borland and Microsoft utility programs needed to build the real-mode portion of the control application.  The main RCVR.CPP file is compiled and linked with Open Watcom C++ (  Open Watcom is a very robust and capable multiplatform C/C++ compiler package, and may be freely downloaded. 

-          In compliance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, all 95S receivers released to the US civilian market are restricted from accessing the 823-849 and 868-894 MHz frequency ranges unless an FRT (Frequency Restriction Table) password is issued.  For liability reasons, this public code release does not include the FRT password.  Email me at the address below for more details.


Released into the public domain 26-Apr-05 by John Miles, KE5FX

Please contact with feedback and enhancements


Code compiled with OpenWatcom ( C++

No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered with this program. 

Use at your own risk!


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